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What Others Are Saying

After several minutes of relaxation and guided breathing by Angie, I realized that I was still holding on to a lot of things that I thought no longer bothered me.  Angie was with me all the way to ensure that I felt safe and supported.  With her love, care and concern, I had the most beautiful experience!  If you are serious about changing your life, I would highly recommend Breathwork.  Everyone should do this!

~ Betty Vong

Coaching with Angie has one of the most impactful experiences of my life.  Through the coaching, I was able to identify the limitations, beliefs and patterns that have been hindering both my business and personal growth.

Angie has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skilfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. 

~ Vivien Hoe

I came to Angie in a deep state of despair over being separated from my son through divorce. The breathwork at first was difficult for me to comprehend but undeniably as the session progressed my sadness started to release. The days after the session the sadness continued to leave my conscious mind and I felt a huge relief and a sense of empowerment knowing that through something so basic yet so powerful as breath I could move the emotion and change my body. Thank you Angie for sitting with me in my process.

~ Stephen Kirwin

My life, before knowing you was insecure, miserable and unhappy. Yet don’t know what is the cause. I did not realize my the disempowering perspective/belief within me. You have guided me and allowed me to know myself and love myself. This improved my self-esteem.  I have always thought that changes must come from others first and not myself, not true, it should start from me. Your sincerity and passion to coaching has created more happy people like me. My family and people around also feel good with my change.

~ Billy Ng

I have worked with Angie both as a coach and a breathworker in a variety of contexts. She is able to create a space in which the transformational work can truly happen. The areas we worked on were very deeply held and I was able to gain some real insight and understanding of these beliefs and how they were showing up. It was from this point I have been able to create new habits and beliefs and these have made a significant impact on certain areas of my life.

~ Simon Crowe

Angie, I want to thank you for introducing the importance of breathing.
Definitely felt the difference last night with my partner. I will keep reminding myself to be conscious on my breath. 

~ TT (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

In the session with Angie I was seeking something intimate where I could truly be free to slowly enjoy her guidance. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable to give myself to her process. There is something about Angie which just calms me down. Physically it's not easy to explain how it felt but it was incredible, prolonged and exquisite pleasure from head to toe. I'll be seeing her again. Afterwards I felt almost spiritually unblocked. Unforgettable.​

~ JR (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Healing begins when the mind opens and accepts without judgements all that there is. Angie lives this in each breath and each touch. Leave expectations at the door and take it home later if you wish, and let her take you on a beautiful journey.  


~ JM (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie is a sincere, giving person with loads of knowledge about how to improve oneself. Through her deep knowledge of a wide range of self-improvement modalities, she is able to advise me on what I need to reach my fullest potential. She pushes me past my limits in an encouraging way, in the right direction, and is always there with a listening ear when I need it. And there are times, when she tells me to "put the brakes on" in my life. She does all these with integrity, sincerity, and love for me as her client. She assigns customised tasks for me to complete in my life coaching work with her, and she tracks my progress diligently. Angie has made such wonderful changes in my life! 

~ Joanne L

My life was a constant struggle before I engaged Angie as my coach. Her first few sessions offered a place for me to reflect on my identity and value. She created a safe yet focus environment, allowing me to see my blind spots. Her positive and honest advice provided a space for me to deal with my inner demons without fear or prejudice. Over time, I learnt to make peace with myself and was able to invest my time and energy efficiently on the things that matter the most to my life and career. I felt supported, encouraged and motivated by her professional guidance. Thanks Angie, for the breakthrough I set for myself and your ability to make me see who I am today.


~ Veron Lien

Angie, thank you so much for the breathwork session.

I felt so much joy, love and laughter that I have suppressed for as long as I can remember. I cannot ever remember laughing as hard and fully as I did that day! I'm not sure why, but I have lived my life only ever allowing myself to be perhaps 70% joyful and excited. Since your session I now feel joyful and present to how lucky I am, and how beautiful and amazing life and people are. It is a real gift that has shifted my experience of life forever for the better. Thank You.


~ David Shanhun

I am your typical male working professional in my mid-thirties. Just two sessions with Angie, i can see a marked difference in me - both physical and mental. I am more relaxed, less stressed and don't approach love making with trepidation on whether i can last long enough. While the technique Angie employs plays a role, i think it is more of how she understood my psyche, made me more self aware, helped me think beyond the 'responsibility of performance' and in control on my thinking and actions that makes me feel the way i do today. 


~ V  (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

A trusted tantric healer, facilitator and coach who has been helping me get back to my best over the last three years, after a life threatening health scare. 
From the first encounter with her to today, I have looked forward to every session. The healing outcome of each session are not just immediate but resonate through the day and sometimes days. 
Comfort, confidentiality and a safe space to be yourself.

~ DS (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie cajoles you to relax, surrender and listen to your breath. I could feel the sensation build up in my fingertips, hands, legs and all over. It somehow frees your mind as you learn to breathe right, to the music and her soft sensual strokes. It was more about getting in touch with myself and what makes me feel free, and not worried of what I should be doing. 

~ J   (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie is a fantastic person. I am very grateful to be supported by her and her knowledge of coaching, healing and breathwork. I have got so much insights from just one session with Angie and am still working on my journey to be a better person. 

~ Tracy Nguyen

I would highly recommend working with Angie. Not only because of her integrity, caring attitude and practical suggestions but also because she sparks a transformation in you. She is warm, generous and extremely kind yet fierce when it comes to her work process. She has helped me shed my old skin with grace and humility. 

~ Bindiya Aravandekar

Angie is very calm and reassuring as she guides me to focus on my breathwork and to relax my entire body.  Thereafter, I just focus on my breathwork and surrender myself to her gentle and deliberate light touches as I slowly experienced my very first multiple orgasms.  The orgasmic sensations just came in waves and I was totally immersed in my own world riding the powerful orgasmic waves as it swept me.  My first session was awesome as I finally discovered and understood how to achieve the big "O" without ejaculation.  

~ DM (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie has really magical touch with her. Each strokes she applied, I can sense some special waves passing from my fingertips to whole body right from the beginning . The feeling was amazing throughout my session; something can't be explained but worth to experience. Thank you Angie for wonderful experience and your time.


~ SU (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie has a good depth of knowledge and understanding of human processes and is focused on holistic contribution balancing business and self development. Angie practices value based management style and comes up with unique ways of addressing business and human needs . I recommend Angie to anyone who is looking for a REAL coach, trainer or developer.


~ Makarand Tare, Chief Talent Officer

Angie is different. She like my elder sister who took good care of me, even beyond the sessions I had with her. She  took me on a journey to learn to love myself and progressively release the burden i was carrying subconsciously. I took a leap of faith to do what i do not dare to do before, and i felt happier and more confident. I strongly recommend Angie if you need any assistance to improve your life! 

~  JW Wang

Angie is like a Duracell Battery, she never stops! She is energetic, committed and loves a challenge. I worked with Angie when I was in Singapore and appreciated her focus, tenacity and her commitment to excellence!

~Michael Bradford, Intuitive Business Success Strategist

Angie is a person of intelligence, integrity and strong values, who would give 100% to anything she put her mind to. She was always an exceptional team member, and more importantly, an exceptional human being.


~ David Rock, Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Group

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