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Create ABunDance Life with 4 Elements Workshop

Magnetize the Life You Desire!

Join Coach Raymond & Angie in this deep process workshop to look within and create your ABunDance Life!

  • What is Abundance to you?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled and happy in your life?
  • Do you feel that you have enough or there is always the feeling of lack?  
  • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all in life and some seem to be struggling ?
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Abundance is about having more than enough in every area of your life—more than enough money, time, energy, love, joy, creativity, fun and fulfilment. You may have been working very hard and yet feel that there is something blocking you from making the quantum leap in your life to experience abundance.

The universe and everything within is formed from the 4 elements – Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Our personality type is made up of one or more of the elements. When we understand how the elements shape our minds, behaviours and emotions, we open the door to an ABunDance Life.

In this workshop, Raymond & Angie will create the space for you to go deep within to Create Awareness, Clear Blocks and Take Inspired Actions to magnetize the ABunDance life you desire.

We will be using Points of You®,  TetraMap®, Breathwork, Laughter Yoga and Sound Therapy to support you in this inner journey of creating your ABunDance Life.

Your Takeaway for this Workshop


Discover your Elemental Style & your relationship to ABunDance


Identify and clear your Blocks to ABunDance


Learn breathing techniques to stay in peak Performance State


Create your ideal ABunDance Life & set Inspired Action Plans

Meet Your Facilitators

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Raymond Yap

Raymond Yap is an established TetraMap® Master Facilitator certified by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, who are the founders of the TetraMap®.  He is also a certified facilitator for Points of You®, MBTI® and SDI® profiling tools.  In addition, he is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.


Raymond has designed and facilitated many leadership and team building programmes since 2007.  Some of the clients include Singapore Armed Forces, Defence Academy Royal Brunei Academy Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) (Brunei), Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) (Malaysia), Banyan Tree Management Academy (BTMA) (Thailand), Vietnam Taxi Limited (Ho Chin Min City) (Vietnam), Sterling Bank of Asia (Philippines), NTT APEC, Oxford University Press (OUP), Boehringer Ingelheim (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (S) Pte Ltd, SkinLab Medical Spa Pte Ltd,  Eu Yan Sang Ltd,  and ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd.


Raymond is also an experienced certified Executive Coach and has serves as Executive Coach for SAF since Nov 2007.  He has since then coaches more than 50 senior officers.  Raymond has certified as qualified coach with Stolmack Group Pte Ltd (Australia), University of Lancaster (UK) and Erickson Coaching International (Canada).


Raymond is a experienced Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) and qualified consultant for Business Excellence (SPRING-Singapore) and Service-Class (SPRING-Singapore).  He has served as the MINDEF Excellence Award (MES) Assessor in 2006/07.  In 2006-2008, he was involved in preparing 4 units from the Singapore Armed Force (SAF) to prepare the Service Excellence Niche Standard certification.  Besides, he also had many exposures to the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) consulting projects.  Raymond also has been very active in the Work Improvement Teams (WITS) movement since he was with the SAF in 90s.  He had been appointed as internal WITS assessors for the SAF units when he was with MINDEF.  He has been facilitating many WITS workshops for the SAF since 2009.

Angie Toh

Brought up in a conservative Chinese family, I experienced alot of suppressed emotions, trauma and struggled a lot with life, money and intimacy.   I do not know how to express myself and I was trying too hard to be a good girl with no boundaries and self love.  I was so busy hoping to find love outside of me and was disappointed again and again.  I was an invisible girl with low self esteem who just wanted to play small in my life.  

I hit a low point in my life in my mid 30s and that got me started on my inner work journey. I started to remove the layers and layers of armour that I had stored in my heart and my body with breathwork, coaching, bodywork and tantra. With each layer of armour that I released, I find more joy and bliss and was able to fully embrace my true power, harness my  sexual energy for creativity and be the authentic unlimited me.  

I have been supporting business leaders and executives in their professional and personal growth through coaching, facilitation and deep process work using tools like breathwork, mindfulness, Laughter Yoga, Enneagram and deep process work. 

My mission in life is to facilitate and help others to gain insight into their true potential, to expand their awareness of who they could become as a person to live a purposeful, happy and successful life.  


I was interviewed on Channel News Asia, Channel 5, Money FM and 938Live.


Some of my corporate clients include Shopee, Philips Domestic Appliances, Arcadis Singapore, Vanderlande Singapore, Robert Bosch, PacificLife Re, Great Eastern Life and many more. 

Workshop Details

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Register for a WealthFlow® Simulation Game at a special discounted rate of $80 instead of $100. 


WealthFlow® Simulation game is a simulation of life from 20 – 60 years old.  In the simulation, players will gain awareness on the following quotients: Awareness Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Adversity Quotient, Financial Quotient, Health Quotient and Play Quotient.


If you have further questions, contact Angie (9092 7140) or Raymond ( 9791 1639) or email

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