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Awaken Ecstasy
Sexual energy is the primal and
creative energy of the universe.
All that is alive is born of sexual energy.
​~ Deepak Chopra

Awaken Ecstasy session is designed for you to harness the power of sexual energy to become more alive and creative. The session will involve coaching, orgasmic breathing technique, sound therapy, somatic work and if you are comfortable, touch therapy involving massage of the genital.

We came to this world through a sexual union,  Yet, sex is such a taboo subject in our society. Remember what it was like when you were young and you have so much questions about your changing bodies and your sexual desire?  Unfortunately, most of us do not have anyone that we can talk to or guide us in exploring our sexuality. Sex and sensuality are often associated with shame, guilt and fear and many people either repress, suppress or act out in unhealthy compulsive manner.  The original sexual energy that create us get trapped into a tight, restricted body instead of an open, relaxed and naturally orgasmic body.  What if we start to treat sexual energy as a friend, rather than something to be suppressed or talked about in low tones or indulge with guilt and shame.

Who needs a Awaken Ecstasy Session:

  • if you are experiencing low libido

  • if you have experienced sexual trauma

  • if you are having difficulty getting intimate with self and your partner

  • if you have body image issue

  • if you have low self esteem or low sexual esteem

  • if you are addicted to porn, masturbation or sex

  • if you want to learn to become a conscious lover

  • if you want to learn to harness your sexual energy

The outcome of the session will depend on your current sexual energy and your emotional health.  You could either experience a full body orgasm or multi orgasms where your whole body vibrates with orgasmic energy just with breathing and conscious touch. Or you could be on a journey to unlearn and de-armour your body to fully embrace yourself as a sexual being. 

Prior to the session, we will agree on the boundaries so you have a safe healing space to explore.


Coaching Fees :

$250 per session (up to 1 hour)

$330 per session (up to 2 hours)  ~ Recommended for first timer

$450 per session (up to 3 hours)

$650 per session (up to 5 hours)

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