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Who am I? 
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As a coach and speaker, I work mainly with busy professionals to support them in their self mastery and harness their life force and sexual energy for healing, bliss and pleasure. Brought up in a conservative Chinese family, I have alot of suppressed emotions, trauma and struggled a lot with life and with intimacy. I do not know how to express myself and I was trying too hard to be a good girl with no boundaries and self love.  I was so busy hoping to find love outside of me and was disappointed again and again.  I was an invisible girl with low self esteem who just wanted to play small in my life.  

I hit a low point in my life in my mid 30s and that got me started on my inner work journey. I started to remove the layers and layers of armour that I had stored in my heart and my body with breathwork, coaching, bodywork and tantra. With each layer of armour that I released, I find more joy and bliss and was able to fully embrace my true power, harness my sexual energy for creativity and just be the authentic me.  

I have been coaching and doing breathwork therapy since 2009 and it was only in 2015 that I was divinely guided to start doing deeper work on intimacy, sexual healing and trauma.  To be honest, I resisted this for a while as I was fearful of what society will judge me if I would to openly talk about sexual energy, intimacy, sex etc. However, I have learned to trust and follow my true purpose in life. Sex is a taboo subject in our society, yet so many people are struggling with intimacy and sexual related issue.  There are so much shame, guilt and trauma around our sexual identity which is fundamentally link to who we are as a human being. 

My clients are international and I choose to work only with professionals who are committed to learn and grow. I create a safe space for my clients to be able to go deep for their transformation.  My clients' privacy is utmost important to me and I do not reveal the names of my clients to others unless they choose to share. 

I am currently based in Singapore and are available for sessions or training out of Singapore too. To contact me, write to  

Do you choose Impossible or I m possible?

I prefer to believe that we live in a world of possibilities where miracles can and will happen if we believe and allow.

~ Angie Toh

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