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Stress Less, Do More

Too much work, not enough time, worry about money, lack of sleep, relationship challenges, worry about children....sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the demands of life that we barely can breathe. An appropriate level of stress will results in optimal performance and give us the push to excel in life. However, constantly living under chronic stress will have adverse effect on our work and personal life.

Long-term stress, worry, anxiety and depression have been linked with an increased risk of health problems, especially dementia and Alzheimer's disease and decrease in productivity. The good news is though we cannot totally avoid stress in our life, we can learn to manage our thoughts, emotions to reduce the effect of negative stressor on our body and performance.

The first step to managing our stress level is to identify our stressors. What is causing you to feel overwhelmed and stress out? For some, it could be due to your personality. You maybe someone who tends to worry way too much or a perfectionist who set way too high a standard for yourself or a people pleaser who don't know how to say no to others. Remember the first step in creating any change is self awareness. If you know that you are a worrier, the next time you get stressed out worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong in your life, take a deep breathe and change your thoughts to something more positive. It sounds easy, but obviously it takes alot of conscious awareness to be able to do that. I worked with my private coaching clients to monitor and transform their thoughts with breathwork and better understanding of their personalities.

Join me in my 1 day Stress Less, Accomplish More Workshop to learn effective techniques that you could use to reduce your stress and manage your emotions better.

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