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Be Comfortable with your Sexual Energy

We came to this world through a sexual union, Yet, sex is such a taboo subject in our society. Remember what it was like when you were young and you have so much questions about your changing bodies and your sexual desire? Unfortunately, most of us do not have anyone that we can talk to or guide us in exploring our sexuality. Sex and sensuality are often associated with shame, guilt and fear and many people either repress, suppress or act out in unhealthy compulsive manner. The original sexual energy that create us get trapped into a tight, restricted body instead of an open, relaxed and naturally orgasmic body. What if we start to treat sexual energy as a friend, rather than something to be suppressed or talked about in low tones or indulge with guilt and shame.

Sexual energy is our life force energy and is creative energy. No, that does not mean that we need to indulge in sex or masturbate everyday. It is about learning how to express and expand this energy. I noticed that all my clients who are depressed or going through some emotional turmoil or intense stress have almost no sexual energy or life force energy. Even if they do engage in sexual act or masturbate, they do not feel orgasmic or bliss. My work with these clients is to help them to learn to breathe correctly, to start to feel their body again and to release whatever emotions and trauma that had caused them to numb out in life.

We are meant to live an ecstatic and orgasmic life.

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