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You can experience more Joy, Success, Peace & Ecstasy with your BREATH!

  • Are you Happy with your life?​
  • Do you feel loved and appreciated? ​
  • Do you love what you are doing for a living? ​
  • Are you enjoying intimacy with self and others? 

Hello there


Welcome to this journey of self discovery and exploration. I am your coach Angie and if you are willing, I would like to partner with you to support you in your inner work journey.

I am a firm believer that we can only create the change we want in our external world by changing our internal world. Many people are busy searching for happiness, love and success out there in the world, not realising it has to begin from within. Likewise, we think that we can only be intimate with someone else and we forget that true intimacy starts from self. It takes courage and trust to connect intimately with oneself and accept the wholeness in us. 


For the last decade, I have been supporting busy professionals to mange their emotions and stress, to release trauma and limiting beliefs and to deepen intimacy with self and others at work and in their personal life. In order to create sustainable change within us, we need a wholistic approach connecting our mind, body and soul.  Coaching & Counselling are powerful tools but many times people are stuck in their head and disconnect from their body and their heart. As such, all my work involve the following 4 core components with the breath as the core:

Your professional and personal life is meant to be filled with joy, ease and flow. Let me support you in this journey to become the best version of you and create the life you want.


Breath is Life

Breath is one of the most powerful yet simple tool for transformation, stress reduction, emotional management and even for greater pleasure or bliss. 

How we breath is how we live.  If we are feeling stress, anxious or unhappy with life, we tend to have shallow breath. 

When we were born, we were gifted with the ability to breathe deep from our diaphragm. Growing up, we start to breathe more and more shallow due to trauma, stress and poor lifestyle choices.  When we unconsciously hold or restrict our breath through habit, the breath that once so effortlessly breathed you becomes automatically restricted. This unconsciously altered breath allows you to survive but it does not allow you to thrive.

By learning how to harness the power of your breath, you can start to release suppressed emotions, feel more alive, more pleasure, bliss and ecstasy in your life. 

There are many different breathing techniques; some are to be done under supervision and some you can easily practise on your own.  Let me guide you on how to harness the power of your breath.

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How I Help My Clients? 


Reduce Stress

Too much work, not enough time, worry about money, lack of sleep, relationship challenges, health problems....sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the demands of life that we can barely breathe.

An appropriate level of stress will results in optimal performance and give us the push to excel in life.  However, constantly living under chronic stress  will have adverse effect on our work and personal life. 

Join me in my Stress Less Living Workshop or my private session to learn how to manage and reduce stress. 




Release Trauma

People tend to associate trauma as some big, shocking or scary events; such as getting into a bad accident, losing a loved one, or experiencing physical or emotional abuse. However, trauma could be any event that has triggered us physically, or emotionally.

When we did not process through  a trauma but merely suppressed the emotions, our body will remember and subconsciously we are still controlled by the event. 

I support my clients to release trauma with  breathwork, somatic experience and coaching.  


Deepen Intimacy 

Every human desire love, intimacy and connection and we long for a deeper connection and be seen and heard. You do not need to be in a relationship to experience intimacy.

Intimacy means "in-to-me-see", it means to be willing to be vulnerable and open, first to yourself before to another person. Whether you are single, currently in a blissful relationship or currently in a sexless relationship, you could unlearn and relearn about intimacy and sexuality and improve relationship with self and others. 

Join me in my Deepening Intimacy Workshop or my Awaken Ecstasy session. 

What People Say 

My life was a constant struggle before I engaged Angie as my coach. Her first few sessions offered a place for me to reflect on my identity and value. She created a safe yet focus environment, allowing me to see my blind spots.


Her positive and honest advice provided a space for me to deal with my inner demons without fear or prejudice. Over time, I learnt to make peace with myself and was able to invest my time and energy efficiently on the things that matter the most to my life and career. I felt supported, encouraged and motivated by her professional guidance.


Thank You Angie, for the breakthrough I set for myself and your ability to make me see who I am today.

Veron Lien

Angie is a sincere, giving person with loads of knowledge about how to improve oneself. Through her deep knowledge of a wide range of self-improvement modalities, she is able to advise me on what I need to reach my fullest potential.


She pushes me past my limits in an encouraging way, in the right direction, and is always there with a listening ear when I need it. And there are times, when she tells me to "put the brakes on" in my life. She does all these with integrity, sincerity, and love for me as her client. She assigns customised tasks for me to complete in my life coaching work with her, and she tracks my progress diligently. Angie has made such wonderful changes in my life! 

Joanne L

I came to Angie in a deep state of despair over being separated from my son through divorce. The breathwork at first was difficult for me to comprehend but undeniably as the session progressed my sadness started to release.


The days after the session the sadness continued to leave my conscious mind and I felt a huge relief and a sense of empowerment knowing that through something so basic yet so powerful as breath I could move the emotion and change my body. Thank you Angie for sitting with me in my process.

Stephen Kirwin

Who are my clients?


I work with professional who are 100% committed to their inner work journey and willing to be coached. 


Clients who come to me might be feeling stuck in life or simply wants to excel and be better.


They could be looking for support :

- to deepen their intimacy with self and others; 

- to build up their self esteem and body image;

- to release trauma;

- to manage stress and emotions;

- to achieve more abundance and success;

- to rekindle the passion, ecstasy in their life;

- to improve their performance in bed.

- to quit addiction to porn or ejaculation


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Contact me for a non obligatory confidential consultation.  


As a speaker and trainer, organisation engaged me to conduct training on:

1. Ikigai : Finding Your Life Purpose

2. Stress Free Way To Deal with Difficult People at Work 

3. Mindfulness at Work

4. Boost Your Emotional Resilience

5. Deepening Intimacy

Some of the organisation that I have worked with includes Vanderlande, Pacific LifeRe, Shopee, Great Eastern Life, Arcadis Singapore, Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd, Mindchamps, Singapore Traffic Police etc

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Contact me for a customised training to meet the needs of your organisation. 

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